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The club has definitely purchased more land in the last 10 years. We went into this story knowing this about the club, but still made a lot of attempts to get an exception -- to no avail. We separately contacted multiple members of the club, as well as the club's arborist he is listed on tax documents as their registered agent.

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He was going to charge to bring people to the club on his boat. But as Mayor points out, the Club has come a long way from that vision, and is really a money-losing venture for the families who run it. The money the Huron Mountain Club has eaten up of its devoted members is extraordinary.

Conditions at the club were rough at first, but cabins and amenities were instituted quickly.

The Dangers of Spying

The list just went on and on, all people catering to the visitors. He had a hard time joining, likely because club members feared the publicity his name would bring. From Mayor's book:. As one of them recalled, 'he was sort of a caricature of what everybody else was. There is no hard proof on what finally made him successful, but there are interesting circumstances. A road, route M, was being constructed and was supposed to head right through club property.

The members were not happy about this. In , Henry Ford bought land that essentially stopped road construction in its tracks. In , he was a member. Club members continued with the tradition of dress-up dinner at the clubhouse until at least , when Mayor was working on the book.

No exceptions. So, dinner was not something where gentlemen could even take off their jackets if it was stifling hot, and it was stiflingly hot because there was no air conditioning in the early days. Mayor stayed at the club during the winter of , and recalls that he had to drive to the edge of the property to make a phone call. You would travel out there many a mile through dirt road[s], and if you were a member of the club and you had to call your office or home or something like that, that's how you had to do it.

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Now, that was before cell phones. I heard, after I had finished my contract with the club, I heard through the grapevine that they had at that point passed a rule that you could not operate a cell phone from the club. Now, 30 years later, I have no idea what the rules and regs are, but they were very protective of introducing the modern world into their environment. There are 50 regular members who have voting rights, own cabins and share equally in ownership of the property.

There is a cap of 50 regular members. Associate members have no voting rights and no rights in the distribution of the organization's assets in the event of its dissolution.

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We don't have up-to-date information on the number of associate members, but Mayor gave us some info in an e-mail:. Could be; probably aren't. Adding sub-categories of non-voting and non-cabin-owning members helped the bottom line somewhat, but—again as the book points out—the heaviest financial burden falls and has always fallen on the fifty full members. We don't know exactly how this is split up among members, but as Mayor states above, the largest burden is on the 50 "regular members.

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Its third season began earlier this year and features a two decade old crime in the small town of Dane, outside Madison. It looks at the murder of Alfred Kunz, a somewhat controversial Catholic priest that died in Dane in violent circumstances. Alfred Kunz was a Catholic priest, the pastor of a church called St. Michael in the rural south central Wisconsin town of Dane.

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He served the community for years, but on March 4, , he was found murdered in violent fashion in the church complex. No one has been arrested or convicted for the crime. Longtime NPR newscaster and Wait! He was 84 years old.

On today's show, we revisit our interview with him, recorded while he was in town recording an episode of the comedy quiz show. The annual event is an effort led by news organizations, that seeks to inform people about their right to access public information.

Marquette hires Duke's 'Wojo' as next hoop coach

He was a star guard for Krzyzewski's Duke teams from who was known for slapping the floor when the Blue Devils needed a big defensive stop. Wojciechowski has been on Duke's staff since , was promoted to associate head coach in and has worked primarily with the post players during his 15 seasons on the staff. Though Wojciechowski has never been a head coach at any level, Krzyzewski has long said he considers him a head coach.

When the Hall of Fame coach felt dizzy and light-headed during in a loss at Wake Forest last month, Wojciechowski filled in for him at his postgame news conference.

The Seventh Man - FULL Audio Book by Max Brand - Cowboy & Western Fiction

He made me better every day and I know that he will make Marquette and the Milwaukee community better every day. He is a very special coach and person. Wojciechowski was selected as the national defensive player of the year in by the National Association of Basketball Coaches. During the final three years of his playing career at Duke, the Blue Devils were It's been a big past few weeks for those in Krzyzewski's coaching tree: Stanford's Johnny Dawkins reached the NCAA tournament for the first time as a head coach - and took the Cardinal to the round of 16 - while Tommy Amaker's Harvard team upset Cincinnati in its tournament opener.

Sports Home. The Associated Press April 1, Sign Up.

Haunted Marquette: Ghost Stories from the Queen City