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This title is dedicated to energy storage, low emission technologies and energy management, with discussions on the future of nuclear energy, combined heat.
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Co-generation installation dimensioning 3. Assessment of the energy advantage of co-generation 3. Energy advantage allocation 3. The electrical aspects of co-generation installations 3. Cooling by absorption and tri-generation 3. Estimation of the potential of co-generation 3. Influence of co-generation on the environment 3. Conclusions and perspectives 3. Bibliography Chapter 4.

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Context 4. Hydrogen: an energy vector for the future? How do we produce hydrogen? Hydrogen transportation 4. Distribution 4. Hydrogen storage 4. Applications of hydrogen as energy vector 4. Risks, standards, regulations and acceptability 4. A hydrogen economy 4. The hydrogen players 4. Conclusions and perspectives 4. Bibliography Chapter 5. Introduction 5.

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Operation principles in different cell types 5. The system aspect 5. Energy conversion efficiency 5.

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Main applications 5. Bibliography Chapter 6. Introduction 6. Energy and buildings: some key figures in Europe 6. The Minergie trademark 6. The PassivHaus label passive house 6. The energy-positive house 6. Beyond the positive-energy building 6.

Bibliography Chapter 7. Lighting in the past and today 7. Light sources and energy conversion 7. Energy savings in the lighting field: some typical case studies 7. What is the future for light sources? Bibliography Chapter 8. Introduction: a threat or an opportunity? Deregulation 8.

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New generation equipment 8. Impact of distributed generation on electric networks 8. Already during the constructing our thermal power plants, environmental protection and clean air are addressed as key factors. The plants are equipped with certified environmental technology and secure monitoring. We regularly take measures to reduce emissions.

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  4. Thanks to their high electrical efficiency and their flexibility, gas-fired combined cycle power plants are among the most efficient conventional power plants. We have shareholdings of up to percent in gas-fired power plants in Hungary, Italy and Spain. With low carbon emissions and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, they fulfil numerous requirements such as the ability to additionally supply district heating or quick-start capability. Annual inspections guarantee occupational safety and compliance with environmental management standards. Learn more. The power plant in the Italian province of Novara generates electricity and process steam for the neighbouring industrial facilities.

    The power plant in the Piedmont region of northern Italy is characterised by a high degree of flexibility. Nuclear power plants generate vast amounts of base-load electricity. Around the clock.

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    They are particularly important for Switzerland in the winter, when domestic hydropower plants do not generate sufficient electricity and the European countries have an increased demand for electricity. In Switzerland alone, 40 percent of the generated electricity comes from nuclear power plants. The boiling water reactor in Leibstadt is the newest of the five nuclear reactors in Switzerland and generates one sixth of the electricity consumed in Switzerland. Login Contact Share Login to our services.


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