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Genetically and genomically, the human and the mouse are very similar, with many of Early genetic maps of the mouse genome, based on recombinational.
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Credits for a Master 2 degree Paris Sud. Doctoral School Module. Institut Pasteur Diploma. University diploma Paris Diderot. The themes of the course: The theoretical part of this course deals, in particular, with genetic analysis of mendelian and quantitative traits, phenotypic analysis of genetic variants, early embryo biology, pluripotent stem cells, cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling embryogenesis, models to study oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, methods to study cell lineage in mouse embryos, genome editing and conditional expression systems for transgenes, optogenetic approaches and the role of small RNAs.

Program of the Mouse genetics course - Academic year. More informations Director s. Cohen-Tannoudji Institut Pasteur , A. Lucas-Hourani Institut Pasteur , S. Bouthillier, C. Bangrazi, J. Mevel, S. Rebessi, G. Doria, and G. Biozzi Inheritance of immune responsiveness, life span, and disease incidence in interline crosses of mice selected for high or low multispecific antibody production.

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Masoro, E. McCarter, R. Shimokawa, Y. Ikeno, Y. Higami, G. Hubbard, B. Yu, and C. McMahan Physical activity as a factor in the action of dietary restriction on aging: Effects in Fischer rats. Aging: Clinical and Experimental Research — Migliaccio, E. Giorgio, S. Mele, G. Pelicci, P. Reboldi, P. Pandolfi, L. Lanfrancone, and P. Pelicci The p66shc adaptor protein controls oxidative stress response and life span in mammals.

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Engle, J. Kim, L. Mullins, and J. Faulkner Candidate biomarkers of aging: Age-sensitive indices of immune and muscle function co-vary in genetically heterogeneous mice. Chrisp, and A. Galecki CD4 memory T-cell levels predict lifespan in genetically heterogeneous mice. Chrisp, and W. Atchley a Differential longevity in mouse stocks selected for early life growth trajectory. Dysko, C. Seguin, L. Linsalata, G. Buehner, J. Harper, and S. Austad b Mouse Mus musculus stocks derived from tropical islands: New models for genetic analysis of life history traits.

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Introduction to Mouse Genetics

Tuffery, A. Journal of Pathology and Bacteriology — Weindruch, R. Witkowski, J. Miller Increased function of P-glycoprotein in T lymphocytes of aging mice. Yu, B. Masoro, and C. McMahan Nutritional influences on aging of Fischer rats: I. Physical, metabolic, and longevity characteristics. Journal of Gerontology — What can social science, and demography in particular, reasonably expect to learn from biological information?

There is increasing pressure for multipurpose household surveys to collect biological data along with the more familiar interviewer-respondent information. Given that recent technical developments have made it more feasible to collect biological information in non-clinical settings, those who fund, design, and analyze survey data need to think through the rationale and potential consequences. This is a concern that transcends national boundaries. The book also takes a look at the various ethical and legal concerns that such data collection entails. Based on feedback from you, our users, we've made some improvements that make it easier than ever to read thousands of publications on our website.

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