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This is a list of destroyer escorts of the United States Navy, listed in a table sortable by both name and hull-number. It includes the hull classification symbols DE.
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As of , no plans existed for future frigates for the US Navy. One major problem with ship classification is whether to base it on a ship's role such as escort or air defense , or on its size such as displacement. One example of this ambiguity is the Ticonderoga -class air-defense ship class, which is classified as cruiser , though it uses the same hull as the Spruance -class destroyers. The Captain class was a designation given to 78 frigates of the Royal Navy, constructed in the United States, launched in — and delivered to the United Kingdom under the provisions of the Lend-Lease agreement under which the United States supplied the United Kingdom and other Allied nations with materiel between and , [19] [20] they were drawn from two subclasses of the destroyer escort originally British destroyer escort classification: 32 from the Evarts subclass and 46 from the Buckley subclass.

Captain -class frigates acted in the roles of convoy escorts, antisubmarine warfare vessels, [22] coastal forces control frigates and headquarters ships for the Normandy landings. During the course of World War II, this class participated in the sinking of at least 34 German submarines and a number of other hostile craft with 15 of the 78 Captain -class frigates being either sunk or written off as a constructive total loss.

In the postwar period, all of the surviving Captain -class frigates except one HMS Hotham were returned to the US Navy before the end of to reduce the amount payable under the provisions of the Lend-Lease agreement; the last such frigate was returned to United States custody in March Six Cannon -class destroyer escorts were built for the Free French Navy. In addition, the following navies also acquired DEs:. DE [note 1] [23]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Destroyer escort disambiguation. Not to be confused with Escort destroyer. Main article: Captain-class frigate. Blackman, Raymond V. Jane's Fighting Ships. Jane's Yearbooks. Collingwood, Donald The Captain class frigates in the second world war: an operational history of the American-built destroyer escorts serving under the White Ensign from — Leo Cooper.

Retrieved 24 May Cooney, David M. United States Government Printing Office. Franklin, Bruce Hampton The Buckley-Class Destroyer Escorts.

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    Coastal defence ship Dreadnought Fast battleship Pre-dreadnought battleship Super-dreadnought Standard-type battleship Treaty battleship. Categories : Ship types. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Evarts GMT class [7]. Buckley TE class [8]. Cannon DET class [9]. Edsall FMR class [10]. Rudderow TEV class [11]. Eugene A. Eugene E. Everett F.

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